I would say a massive thank you to Andrew for helping me pass with no minors I can’t thank you enough for your patience and help guiding me throughout would highly recommend Andrew he is an excelent instructor

Scott A  May 2018

I passed my driving test on 27/6/2017 first time with Andrew. I found Andrew reliable, friendly, trusting, patient, calm and thorough. Andrew was great at explaining things and helping me understand. Andrew is a great driving instructor and I highly recommend him.

Dylan Stirling  June 2017

Passing my driving test was not something I ever thought I would do, but I am so happy that I have. Andrew at green arrow was recommended to me, and his patience and expertise helped me to pass my test first time. Having my driving license will now open new doors for me in my job as well as allow me to spend more time with my family. I would definitely recommend Andrew for anyone looking to get lessons. Thank you!

Ian Dougan  May 2017

 I passed first time with Andrew as my instructor. He was so patient and calm which helped neutralise my nerves. Passing my test has made such an impact on my life. Having a small son and a baby on the way its made my life so easy now. I cannot thank Andrew enough for the education, patience and manner in which he taught me. It makes all the difference having an instructor you fully trust and enjoy being taught by. I highly recommend him.

Emma Coenen  March 2016


“I’m already quite a nervous person and after crashing a motorbike a few months before starting I was very nervous about controlling a car, but Andrew put me at ease. He has a laidback style to teaching that I got on well with and on bad days encouraged me and helped me build up confidence on my own. It all comes together and once I started getting cocky he wasn’t afraid to ground me and drill into me the good habits I’d need to pass the test. He’s happy to throw you into the pool and let you learn to swim but never strays too far away.
I passed first time with Andrew, he’s a great instructor and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Thank you!

-Daniel N      January 2016


I passed my driving practical test today with thanks to andrew! He is a very patient, friendly instructor and was able to help me with any problem I had with driving. I can safely say I am now confident behind the wheel and I don’t think I could have asked for a better instructor. Would highly recommend him to anyone who is nervous about driving or first time learners!

-Mohasin, October 2015


I took up driving with Andrew for a year and had to stop, then started again in 2014 and passed on 31st July 2015! He was so patient and let me just drive. There were many nail biting moments but as I stuck with it, it did get easier as I began to recognise the area. The lessons focused on what I wanted to improve on and feedback was continuous and consistent, Andrew was always happy to let me say what I wanted to say. His soothing voice, calming smile and positive attitude helped me get through my test. I was so happy to pass and couldn’t recommend Andrew enough.

-Lily Sze, August 2015


Andy was fantastic to learn with! He keeps his cool at all times which is impressive when you drive like I did when I first started. He filled me with confidence after being in a severe car crash about 6 months earlier and helped me to feel under control behind the wheel.  I’d strongly recommend him to anyone and he’ll no doubt be seeing my younger siblings shortly.

-Sam Brennan, May 2015

“If you`re looking for a driving instructor, look no further, as Andrew is an ideal instructor. He is reliable, friendly, patient, and importantly; very chilled out. Despite having ridden motorbikes on the road for 6 years prior, and driving a car provisionally for over a year before I started lessons with Andrew, he was very helpful in explaining what it is an examiner is looking for in a test, and relevantly, how to show it during the test. First and foremost I’m a biker, Andrew knew this, and helped to point out any habits that would otherwise be acceptable on a motorbike, but not while driving a car. Any issues you may have, even ones you may not know about, Andrew will point them out and explain to you in a clear way how you can best solve them. I would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor to anybody.”

-Liam Blades, April 2015 

“After putting off driving lessons for almost four years I wasn’t particularly confident that much would come of it, but Andrew’s calm, patient and reassuring approach meant that I was able to learn everything at my own pace and gradually become less anxious behind the wheel. It was never an issue to go over things again and he was always ready to answer any questions or simple curiosities that came up, as well as always debriefing at the end of lessons so I knew how I was doing each day. He gave me everything I needed, and more, to pass the test and I would highly recommend Green Arrow to anyone who is looking to learn to drive.”

Thanks again!

Hayley – December  2014

 I past my driving test today with huge thanks to Andrew. I would highly recommend him to anyone, he is calm, patient, friendly, encouraging, helpful and reliable. Andrew made me feel at ease learning to drive. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor,  Great experience. Anyone wanting to learn to drive definitely contact Andrew. Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Declan Stirling October 2014


I started driving lessons with Andrew March 2014 and passed first time Aug 12th. I was a nervous 40 year old learner who thought a driving license was unachievable for me but with Andrews help and calm attitude i became  a confident driver who started to think the test was not going to be that bad. i would definitely recommend Andrew to friends, family and colleagues.

Allan Scott August 2014

 I would highly recommend Andrew as a driving instructor, he has the patience of a saint, and is very calm with you. He makes you feel comfortable as soon as you first get behind the wheel. Thanks to Andrews tutoring I passed first time with only 3 minors! Thanks Andrew

Conor Scott   April 2014

I passed my test just over a week ago with huge thanks to Andrew. I have had a wonderful driving experience with Green Arrow and will recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive. As an instructor Andrew has the patience of a saint, is friendly, encouraging and promotes a relaxed atmosphere during lessons; this in turn gave me more confidence to work on my practical driving and road safety. Thanks Again!

Samantha Brockie   February 2014

After a bad experience with my first driving instructor I was a bit anxious to get behind the wheel again. Then my friend recommended Andrew to me. From day one he put me at ease and had me driving from my house from the second lesson. He was always calm and reassuring and never forced me to do anything that I wasnt comfortable with. Thanks to Andrew I passed my test first time with only 5 minors. I would highly recommend Green Arrow to anyone. Thanks Andrew!

Shannon Wilson, January 2014 

I would highly recommend Andy as a driving instructor. Through his patience and knowledge I was able to pass first time.

Fergus Tait  December 2013 

Today I passed my test 1st time with only 5 minors after 5 months with Andrew. I cannot recommend him enough! He was very patient, understanding and even when I made silly mistakes he constantly reassured me. I’m very grateful to have had him as my instructor. Thank you!!

Tracy Duff  November 2013

I would defiantly recommend Andrew! he’s so patient and kind and keeps you calm at all times and he always reminds you that you ll get there! he’s such a good Instructor

Chloe Jardine October 2013

I really looked forward to my driving lessons with Andrew and I would highly recommend him as an instructor. I passed first time after 5 months and I would not have achieved this without his calm, supportive and humorous approach.

Beth Wylie  September 2013

Thanks so much to Andrew for helping me pass my test first time! He gave me a lot of confidence and made sure I did all the right things. He is a very patient and good instructor and I would recommend him to anyone!

 Lesley Atkins  June 2013

Andrew is very calm and relaxed no matter how bad your driving is! This allowed me to feel at ease when driving which enabled me to improve quickly. I passed first time with only two minors!  Thanks Andrew

Callum Clark  April 2013

I arrived at Andrew a very nervous driver with two fails under my belt. March 2013 I passed my test with only 3 minors and I couldn’t have done it without Andrew’s endless patience and constant encouragement. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Andrew.

Francesca Kirkhope  March 2013

I would like to thank Andrew for helping me to pass my test first time.  Andrew was very patient with me and very encouraging. I would highly recommend green-arrow to everyone.

Lauren Clyne  February 2013

I had never had any driving lessons before until my first lesson with Andrew and he helped me pass first time with in 4 months of my first lesson. Would strongly recommend doing your lessons with him. He was very patient and helpful and made sure I didn’t get into a panic if I did something wrong. His tips and advice helped me a lot for my test. Cheers Andrew.

Leon Reynolds   January 2013

I would highly recommend Andrew as a driving instructor as he was very patient and understanding throughout all of my lessons, helping me to pass first time.

Kate Wilson  September 2012


After trying to learn to drive twice before without success, Andrew helped me to keep calm and always reassured me I would get there in the end which I did!

I always enjoyed the lessons and they did not fill me with the fear I had encountered before.
I would recommend Andrew to anyone-he is very patient and helped me to stay focused.

Louise King     August 2012

i would recommend andy to anyone learning to drive. he is so helpful and kept me calm! he also helped me pass my test first time within 6 months. 😀

Zoe Robertson  July 2012

I would highly recommend Andrew to any looking to learn to drive he is a great instructor who keeps you calm and is very patient, he helped me pass first time with only 2 minors. Thank you Andrew

Michael Hunter  June 2012

 I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is about to start learning to drive. I cannot emphasise enough how calm and patient he is, it’s unreal! He helps you to feel at ease, and is very easy to be around. Thank you so much, Andrew, for teaching me to drive, I’m so glad I chose Green-Arrow.

Adele L  April 2012

Thank you very much Andrew for teaching me to drive, after having a fear of driving for nearly 20 years and never been behind the wheel I have now got my full driving license.  I would recommend  Andrew to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive, he is very patient with a chilled approach to instructing which made each lesson enjoyable and interesting as I very rarely drove to the same place.

Andrew always gave positive feedback during and at the end of each lesson which was encouraging and helped me to keep my goal in sight of becoming a confident driver and passing my driving test.
Cheers Andrew

Avril S March 2012

I’d never had a lesson or drove a car before until my first lesson with Andrew, he made me feel very relaxed and explained everything well. I passed first time so many thanks Andrew

Kevin Cowe February 2012

 Thanks to Andrew, I have just passed my driving test. I was very anxious for a long time about driving but Andrew’s patient and calm approach to teaching was very reassuring. He was great at picking out my weaknesses and helping me to improve on them. Also, he was very friendly and was always on time. I could not have asked for more and would recommend Green Arrow to any of my friends or to anyone who has any doubts about learning to drive.

Thank you Andrew.

Claire Conway January 2012

Passed first time!  Many thanks, Andy.  Very calm, very patient.  Thoroughly recommend.

Tony S December 2011

I`ve just passed my driving test with Andrew as my instructor and I can`t recommend him highly enough to you. He is a great teacher, patient, encouraging, totally reliable and unerringly kind. When I started driving lessons with Andrew  I was rather anxious about driving but his approach was very calm and re-assuring and I very quickly had confidence in him as a driving instructor who could get me through my test.  He helped me to relax and believe in myself and my ability to drive safely and pass my driving test. He was also great at helping me to overcome my anxiety about the test itself. If you want to learn to drive safely and confidently and to pass your driving test get in touch with Andrew as he will get you through it with minimum stress.

Janis M November 2011

Thank you very much Andy for teaching me how to drive. Andy is a great instructor who is very reassuring despite the silly mistakes I made. I Passed first time and would highly recommend green-arrow to anyone.

Erin Reynolds October 2011

I started driving lessons with Andrew in April & said to him my work was moving in September & I really had to drive to get there. He said he’d have me driving by then & true to his word I’ve just passed in July. I’d like to thank Andrew for his help in learning me to drive as I don’t think I’d have passed by now without him. I’d definitely recommend him to friends & family.

Michelle Fitzsimmons July 2011

Would like to say a massive thanks to Andrew for teaching me to drive. I passed on my first attempt with only three minor faults. Although I felt nervous Andrew always reassured me, even through silly mistakes. I highly reccomend Green-Arrow to all my friends. Andrew is a great instructor and a genuinely nice guy.

Jessica S March  2011

Thanks for preparing me to pass the practical test. Regards, Michal


Michal Turowski January  2011

Just like to say thank you to Andrew for helping me pass my driving test 1st time! He was great at helping me with my manoeuvres and helped me stay calm for my test! would definitely recommend Andrew. thanks!

Jodi M January 2011

I’d like to say a big thank you to Andrew for helping me pass my test, after starting my driving lessons with another company and feeling nervous about manoeuvres, Andrew really helped to quash any doubts and his brilliant easy manoeuvre methods really did the trick.  I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone learning to drive whether you are taking it up again after a while or a complete newbie.

Laura K October 2010

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Andrew for taking me through my test, before I went with green-arrow I had a few other instructors and never seemed to make any progress. Then my friend recommended Andrew within about 5 months I passed my test!! I highly recommend Andrew to other learners as he is very patient and helpful 🙂 Thanks again

Shelly W August 2010

Just want to say thanks to Andrew for teaching me to drive, couldn’t have passed without him. He is so calm and helpful even when you are making silly mistakes. I would highly recommend him to friends and anyone who is looking for a great instructor. Thank You.

Cayryn Kay August 2010



I passed first time thanks to Andrew. He was very patient and kept me calm throughout all my lessons and especially on my test day. Would reccommend Andrew to anyone. Thanks again.

Shelly July 2010

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Andrew for teaching me to drive and for putting up with me! Would highly recommend him to all learners. He is a really nice guy and was really good at helping me calm down when I was nervous sitting the test. Always on time and gives good advice to help you get better. He was very encouraging too. Thanks again.

Micha Currie July 2010

Andrew was professional, patient, calm and encouraging throughout. Andrew was always punctual and he put me at ease from the very first lesson. He was very clear when he was teaching anything and he was happy to go through anything I felt I needed to do again. After every lesson Andrew would give me constructive feedback on how the lesson went as a whole and what we would be working on next time.      

I always left feeling positive knowing that I was just a little bit closer to passing my test. Andrew tailored every lesson to suit my driving needs and that is why I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. I would highly recommend Green-Arrow to anyone who is learning to drive.

Kirsty Turnbull April 2010

For anybody living in the Musselburgh / East Lothian area wanting first class driving instruction, there really is only one man to go to. Andrew provides a calm presence and clear advice. With his help and guidance I passed my test first time, and at the grand old age of 34! So whether young, old, confident or nervous, get in touch with Green Arrow and give yourself the best possible start to your driving career.

Neil Bastiani April 2010

Despite the fact I live out in the sticks in East Lothian, Andrews was always very accommodating in terms of picking me up and dropping me off. I enjoyed every lesson; the relaxed atmosphere meant that learning to drive was a pleasure, rather than a chore. I would thoroughly recommend having Andrew as an instructor – he seemed to know all the ins and outs of the system, was very experienced and professional; he’ll even laugh at your jokes! (Sometimes).

Jamie Perriam March 2010

Cheers Andy, really enjoyed having you as my instructor and will recommend you to all my friends. Really enjoyed having lessons with you and good luck for the future!

David Gibson March 2010


Scott  Test pass Feb 2010

Scott test pass February 2010





“Andrew was a brilliant instructor who always made me feel at ease in the car. His explanations and guidance helped me greatly in understanding how to become a safe driver and the confidence this gave me allowed me to pass my test first time. Highly recommended!”

 Marc Cumming February 2010

I couldnt have passed without Andrew. He is very patient and helpful. I Would highly recommend him.

Steph Gallagher. Jan 2010

Andrew arrived on time and well prepared for every lesson so learning to drive was much quicker and easier than I thought.
CHEERS!  Marcus Dec 2009

Enjoyed every lesson. Couldn’t have passed without you!
Thanks  Sarah W.

GillianHi. I passed my test on Independance Day. It was my first attempt but Andrew made sure I was well prepared. I would recommend  green-arrow  to all learners 

Gillian M




Ali B

 “I learned to drive with Andrew and passed my test with only 1 minor fault. Andy’s advice and attention to detail with my driving stood me in good stead for both my theory and practical test. His calm nature and clear instruction make you feel at ease behind the wheel.

 I would highly recommend the company.”

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